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Why, hello there! It’s been a while.  I announced my pregnancy back in winter, and now here we are with an almost two month old! My husband and I welcomed our first child, Emilia, in June and we are over the moon in love with her!

Mountain View Lane blog | Baby News and Updates

As I prepare for my maternity leave to end and to go back to my full-time job, I thought it would be a good time to share our happy news and to get back into the blog world a little bit.  I figured with almost two months off of work that I would have had a lot more time to blog and create.  That naivety died quickly when we brought our little girl home! Instead of setting my daily to-do list and joyfully crossing off each task throughout the day, I would instead write a weekly to-do list and hope that I cross off at least one thing! But all that aside, becoming a mother has been one of the most humbling, exciting, frightening, and fulfilling times of my life. Shout out to my husband who has been amazing throughout the whole experience-he jumps up whenever E needs anything (diaper change, middle of the night snuggles) and makes sure both of us are taking care of and loved.

Mountain View Lane blog | Baby News and Updates

When we first found out we were pregnant last Fall we quickly decided that we were going to wait and be surprised about our little one’s gender-“Team Surprise”! It was definitely worth all the (not so) patiently waiting we had done for nine, almost ten, months! It really is one of the only true surprises in life. Shouting out “it’s a girl” after E was born is a memory I will never forget.

Part of the fun with having our first baby and a brand new house was being able to plan and create a baby nursery from scratch.  I wanted a very gender neutral nursery but one that could also easily transition into a little girl or boy’s room as he or she grows from baby to toddler to child.

At first I looked tried a classic yellow + green neutral nursery but that just wasn’t my style.  I also knew that I didn’t necessarily want a nursery “theme”. It is a room that I knew I would be spending a lot of time in (and the baby isn’t going to care what it looks like!) and I needed something more calming and simple.  When we moved into our fixer upper we painted the future nursery room a very light gray: Silver Drop by Behr. This ended up being the perfect blank canvas.  I’ll share more about how our nursery turned out once I get a chance to take photos (easier said than done these days)!

I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite gender neutral nursery ideas in the near future.

Talk to you soon-

Mountainview Lane blog-Baby News + Updates

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