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Good morning! Are you getting married or know someone getting married this year? Steve and I are in our late 20s, therefore we are at that age where everyone we know is either recently married or getting married and coming up with creative yet personal gifts is becoming a little bit of a challenge lately. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Katie, is getting married in July (she met her husband at my wedding, I might add!), and I made one of these custom wine bottles in a wooden wine box as part of her shower gift.

If you happen to make your own wine or take one of those classes where you learn to make your own this would also work well for that! Make these with mini wine or champagne bottles for DIY favor gifts-weddings, bridal showers,..the possibilities are endless!


-wine bottle

-large container of water

-Goo Gone (or similar adhesive remover) or brake cleaner (optional)

-scissors or paper cutter

-thick white paper and double-sided tape OR adhesive/sticker paper



Step 1.

If you’re using a clean bottle of wine (no label) skip right to Step 2. If using a wine bottle with a label you’ll need to first take the old label off. Most bottles will come with a label on the front and a label on the back. For this project I took both labels off but you can leave one on if you want.  On a side note, have you ever had Apothic Red? It’s my favorite affordable bottle of red wine, especially if you need to give a gift to someone you don’t know as well, because in my experience those people that don’t like red wine still like Apothic Red 🙂

An easy way to remove labels from any type of glass is to first soak the glass in water.  It may take just a few minutes or it may take longer but as a result of being in the water the label will become soft and easy to pull away from the bottle.  We actually got busy the day I started this project and ended up soaking it overnight! Steve had a great idea to put the bottle in our watering can, which fit perfectly, but you can use a large vase, pot, or container.
DIY Wine Bottle Label from Mountain View Lane blog

You can then use a slightly damp cloth (lint-free if you can) and work to peel the label off and wipe off the adhesive residue. If you still have some sticky residue you can use a product like Goo Gone or brake cleaner, if you have it, to clean the residue off. Now you should have a nice clean bottle!

DIY Wine Bottle Label from Mountain View Lane blog

My hubby so patiently peeled the label as I photographed 🙂

Step 2.

Next you’ll need to create your wine label. I made my label 5 3/4” x 2 3/4”. If you’re artsy and like to draw, you may want to freehand a design just be sure to measure out your label size on the paper first so you don’t end up with a design that is too tall or wide.  Really the label size is just a guideline though!

If you’d rather print a design, I’d suggest using some type of photo editing website such as  Canva is great because you can save your designs and go back and edit them as often as you like! And it’s all free. Bonus!

When you go to the website click on “Use Custom Dimensions” (upper right hand corner)  and type in your wine label size.  This will ensure that when we print it out, the dimensions are close to what will fit on our wine bottle. You’ll start with a  blank white slate for which you can then add text, designs, etc. from the tabs on the left.

If not using Canva make your design in Microsoft Word or something similar, you just may have to fool around with font sizes and once you print out your label.

DIY Wine Bottle Label Mountain View Lane blog

Step 3.

Print your label on white paper or sticker/adhesive paper. Using the ruler and scissors, trim to a size that you like for your label.

DIY Wine Bottle Label Mountain View Lane blog

Step 4.

Make sure the wine bottle surface is clean by using a dry, lint-free cloth.  Use lint-free because you don’t want little pieces of napkin or paper towel to stick to the bottle. If using the sticker/adhesive paper simply affix your label to the bottle trying to make it even.  If not using the sticker paper, add double sided tape to the back of your label.  I attached the tape to the paper first so I could be sure the tape was going to all of the edges as well as the center of the label, so this will not be as permanent as a real wine label but they still look great!

Finally, affix your label to the tape on the bottle.  Make sure that it is smooth and adherent to the bottle.

DIY Wine Bottle Label Mountain View Lane blog

And finally, there you have it, folks! Now package up your wine in a pretty bag or wooden wine box and it is a great custom gift.

Let us know if you try it! Do you have a favorite type of wine? I’m always open to new suggestions!

DIY Wine Bottle Label-Signature-Mountain View Lane blog.





  1. Cassie, I love this! What a great idea for a wedding or shower gift, and something that I have not seen before. Thank you for sharing…I’m going to try it! Have a great day!

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