New Year, New Directions!

Wow-how has it already been 6+ months since my last post?!

The second half of 2016 was exciting for Steve and I as we moved into our first home and continued our entire home gut job/remodel.  I quickly learned that progress is not as quick as you see on TV shows such as “Fixer Upper”-to really update and remodel a home takes time…and money. With Steve doing the majority of the work himself, progress is always happening but we still have awhile to go before the big projects are finished, like our kitchen.

There is a lot more of what I like to call “behind the scenes” parts of remodeling that I didn’t expect.  For example, by the time our house is done still will have redone almost the entire plumbing and electricity-necessary upgrades that take a lot of time with little visual progress. Either way we are optimistic that we will have the majority of the house done by June 2017…


New Year New Directions-Mountain View Lane 1850


That’s right! We are expecting our first child this June! Poor Steve is stuck doing the majority of the remodel himself now, but the baby’s arrival has given us a good deadline to shoot for having most of our major house projects completed. I know we’ll always have small projects for years to come but I am so desperate to have our kitchen, living, and dining rooms completed!

We’re hoping to focus on more projects and blogging in 2017, especially before baby comes! Stay tuned for more frequent updates and house projects in the near future. Cheers!

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